Organizational Endorsements

Seattle University

Our team worked with Apoyo Coaching and Consulting for Intercultural Development Inventory assessments and debriefs (team of ~65).  It was a wonderful experience from start to finish for everyone and Joel was clear, concise and authentic in his approach and delivery.  Armed with this foundational assessment our team can now focus more clearly on our individual and collective work around equity and inclusion.  I would recommend Joel and Apoyo without hesitation.

-Edgar Gonzalez, Vice President University Advancement

Los Altos Elementary School (Hacienda Heights, CA)

In our work as educators, resetting and refocusing is often necessary.  Dr. Pérez gave our school that opportunity. Through open conversation, reflection, and strategic goal setting, our faculty were able to focus on our stakeholders in an interactive coaching session.  The work done with Dr. Pérez has helped our staff better understand themselves and start the work towards building an organization focused on growing Cultural Humility.

-Rosie Sinapi, Principal 

California State University Northridge

Dr. Joel Pérez successfully led a Cultural Humility workshop for our Athletic Department. I am endorsing him for his work. In coaching our athletics staff through this crucial training as a follow-up to our implicit bias training, Joel displayed amazing knowledge and experience. Under Joel's direction, the session was participatory and insightful, which had a long-lasting effect on our department's ability to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural humility.

-Dr. Cedric Hackett, Professor Africana Studies

Azuza Pacific University

It was a pleasure to host Dr. Joel Pérez for our divisional in-service day. Joel designed and facilitated an engaging workshop that stressed the value of being self-aware, elevating curiosity, and demonstrating cultural humility to lead diverse teams and serve diverse students well. Joel strategically weaved in stories from his professional and personal experiences that made the conversation compelling; the workshop coupled good content with practical application. His winsome style and measured, thoughtful approach was well-received by our team of student development professionals. 

-Dr. Keith Hall, Vice President, Student Belonging & Chief Diversity Officer

Pratt Institute

I first heard Dr. Pérez talk about cultural humility in his promotional video for the program he offers, it immediately caught my attention. I invited Dr. Pérez to lead a training on cultural humility for my division and it was just wonderful. My staff had great things to say about the session and it was evident that Dr. Pérez had spent time researching, thinking and reflecting on the topic and taking that to the next level by providing a solid presentation in a format that was very engaging. I also loved the flexibility in his program offerings and that he provided the option for virtual or in person and was able to adjust to the size of my team. I strongly recommend Dr. Pérez as a presenter and the topic of cultural humility is one that I think is very applicable in any setting and useful for individuals and teams.

-Dr. Delmy Lendof, Vice President for Student Affairs

Financial Institution

When I was looking to accelerate the growth of our companys' Business Resource Groups and do some work to help the team better understand Cultural Humility, I knew it was time to reach out to Joel. His thoughtful approach and thorough process helped engage our executive team who then properly endorsed the DEI work we embarked on as a team. Both the group and the individual sessions with Joel were well worth the investment and have taken our BRG’s to the next level. None of it would have been possible without Joel and his expertise in this field.

-Executive Vice President

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

Dr. Perez played an essential role in helping our community develop a strategic plan for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). He provided personal coaching and support for school leaders, while assisting in building leadership capacity among faculty and staff for ongoing growth. Joel understood and supported the essential need to root the DEIB strategic plan in our Lasallian Vincentian Catholic mission. He is a careful listener and supportive coach, able to facilitate individual reflection as well as group dialogue and organizational development.

-Gary Cannon, Principal 

Emerson College

Working with Joel was one of the most beneficial professional development investments we have made. We engaged with Joel to work with a group of senior leaders in our division, hoping to strengthen our sense of cultural competency and build a stronger collective understanding amongst the group. Joel's style makes it easy to engage, and the tools he uses to support the work are helpful and easy to understand. Most importantly, Joel helped each of us to deepen our own understanding, enabling us to strengthen our team and be more impactful in our work.

-Jim Hoppe, Vice President and Dean for Campus Life


Working with Joel and Apoyo Coaching and Consulting was extremely helpful in thinking through how to become a more inclusive organization for our employees and clients. This has provided us the foundation we needed in moving from performative statements to actions. We really benefited from him taking us through the Intercultural Development Inventory to give us the language we needed to move to action. His style and approach worked well for us and would highly recommend Apoyo Coaching and Consulting to others.

-Matthew Joseph, Executive Vice President and General Council 

Mountainside Communion and the Immigration Resource Center of San Gabriel Valley

Working with Joel was extremely helpful in better understanding and appreciating the different strengths that each member of our team brings to the table. Both group and individual sessions with Joel provided a foundation for us to grow deeper in self awareness as well as to grow closer as a team. We benefited greatly from Joel taking us through the Strengths Finder Assessment and I would recommend him highly if you are wanting to provide a space for your team to grow and learn.

- Josh Smith, Executive Pastor & Interim Executive Director

Boys & Girls Club of the San Luis Valley

The process worked well for us. We appreciated the group and individual coaching to help us identify areas where we could improve both as an organization and as professionals. Joel is a skilled listener, a thoughtful coach and a wonderful partner in addressing Cultural Humility.

-Aaron Miltenberg, Executive Director

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