Cultural Humility: What is it and how do you move toward it?

Cultural Humility is a posture that can help leaders lead exceptionally in the areas of DE&I and navigate the complexity that comes with leading those efforts. Cultural Humility has three characteristics: Self-Awareness & Self-Critique, Redressing Power Imbalances, and Organizational Change. Participants will learn what cultural humility is, why it is important, and how to develop it for individual, organizational, and community change. This will be achieved using experiential exercises, so participants gain a full understanding of what cultural humility is and how to develop it.

Building Strong Teams

Teams are extremely important in helping an organization achieve its goals, yet organizations do not always make an investment in helping teams identify ways they can effectively work together. Using the Gallup Clifton Strengths assessment, this workshop will help teams identify how they can work more effectively together, gaining a better understanding of how they are wired as individuals so they can then learn how to work more collaboratively with their peers.

The Elusive Role of Being an Inclusive Leader

Many leaders aspire to be inclusive in the way they lead their teams. Yet so many leaders fall short in their efforts. Why is that? This presentation explores the obstacles that leaders face when trying to be inclusive and how to overcome them so that they can create thriving teams to achieve their organizational goals. This presentation is ideal for those that are in supervisory roles.

Identity Conscious Leadership: What is it? How do you nurture it? How do you use it to thrive?

Your social identities can be a powerful tool in being an effective leader, yet they often go ignored, or leaders are forced to hide their identities for fear that they won’t fit in. Leaders need to stop ignoring and/or hiding their identities and move toward embracing them so they can be the best leaders they can be. How do you do that? It starts with identifying your most salient identities and learning how to leverage them. This workshop will walk participants through how to do this effectively, seeing their identities as strengths and not as deficits.

Developing Self-Awareness

Looking at yourself in the mirror is the first step to improving yourself, but it is often too difficult. In this workshop participants will learn strategies to develop self-awareness so they can be better leaders and achieve their leadership goals. Strategies will include how to identify your guiding values, how to use leadership assessment for personal development, and how to seek professional feedback.

Moving from Performative Statements to Sustainable Change

What does it take for organizations to move the needle with their DEI efforts? What does it take for organizations to move from a laundry list of initiatives to a focused and concerted effort? In this interactive presentation you will learn about a proven framework that guides organizations toward intentional change. It is designed for mid- to senior-level organizational leaders that have a strong desire to move from performative statements to sustainable change.

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